Which DBD::Oracle Version is for Me?

With some of the new functionality that was introduced in DBD::Oracle 1.21, you can no longer use the Oracle 7 and most early 8 clients to build DBD::Oracle. I hope this little table will help you choose which version of DBD::Oracle is right for you. As there are dozens and dozens of different versions of Oracle’s clients, I did not bother to list any of them, just the major release versions of Oracle that are out there.

Bug in DBD::Oracle’s execute_array with 11g

There seems to be a bug in DBD::Oracle’s execute_array when working with 11g. If you tell DBD::Oracle to autocommit, it seems that in 11g this commit will not take place when an error occurs during the processing of one of the tuples that you passed into execute_array. I included the tables, code and workaround in this post.

Oracle’s Quarterly Critical Patch Update is Out

The latest quarterly update came out this morning. There are oh-my-god smoking guns this time, but several medium-important patches. If you’re running Oracle Collaboration Suite, note that the patch blows away the login and logout pages (oops!). MetaLink note 445172.1 has info on how to restore the pages post-patch.

SQL BackTrack and Flash Recovery Area

There is a bug in SQL BackTrack (at least in version 6.8) that prevents your backing up of the archive logs from the flash recovery area. This will result in the inability to recover from any online backups that you have taken if you somehow lose those archive logs. There are 2 workarounds to this issue that I have tested, have a look.

Oracle R12 Certified for Linux 64-bit on the x86_64 Platform

If you are a early adopter of R12 with a version earlier than 12.0.3, its time to patch up to 12.0.3 or 12.0.4. and migrate to the Linux 64-bit platform. This migration to Linux 64-bit should not be a big hassle, as it is binary-compatible with Linux 32-bit. I expect it be as simple as 1) copy, 2) relink, and 3) startup. I will, however, find out the exact method, and post here in the blog.

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