PostgreSQL Administrator’s Cheatsheet

Most people start with free databases and eventually get to know the enterprise products. I started the other way around. After being trapped for eight years in the Oracle world, I felt like exploring another database platform. For some reason I can’t get myself to fiddle around with MySQL. There’s nothing rational about this–no benchmarks, reviews, or co-worker horror stories. I feel it’s just not my type. So when looking for free database, I reached out for PostgreSQL, again for no objective reason–only the gut feeling that this could be what I’m looking for.

OpenSQLCamp Lightning Talk Videos

OpenSQLCamp was a huge success! Not many folks have blogged about what they learned there….if you missed it, all is not lost. We did take videos of most of the sessions. All the videos have been processed, and I am working on uploading them to YouTube and filling in details for the video descriptions.

Free 10-day trial of Safari Books Online

That’s right — get your free 10-day trial! All the information I know is here. The basics are: No access to Rough Cuts or Downloads, for new subscribers only. It’s one of those “sign up and if you do not cancel after 10 days, we bill you” — and at $42.99 a month, that’s not a mistake you want to make. Must sign up by Nov. 24th.

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