Using the Sphinx Search Engine with MySQL

Implementing SphinxSE into MySQL proved to be easier than it seemed in the beginning, although it took some time to compile and install everything. With a creative use of views, it could potentially be implemented right away in legacy applications, offering numerous advantages.

OpenSQLCamp 2009 presentation videos are online and free!

In record time, less than a week after the conference, all 11 videos that were taken at OpenSQLCamp Europe are online, for those who missed the sessions, or just want to relive the fun! The YouTube videos have the descriptions and resources from the official conference pages, and links to pages. If there is more information to add (for example, the slides from a talk are now online), or if you spot an error, please feel free to add a comment on the YouTube video, or as a comment to this blog post.

Database Analyst Steals Credit Card Data

This blog post was inspired by a recent report of a Database Analyst at American Express stealing Credit Card data. It’s amazing how many companies still follow a mainly “perimeter security” approach when it comes to controlling access to sensitive information—their focus is on network security using firewalls, advanced authentication options, and so on. Even with such measures, it’s very common to setup strong barriers to the outside world but very little by way of internal limits; most internal people have some level of access to servers that store and process sensitive data.

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