User Groups

User Group Sponsorships

In the wake of changing their sponsorship agreements, Technocation, Inc., an international not-for-profit group, has set up a fund for user group sponsorships. You can use the button in this post to donate any amount of money in US funds via PayPal

End of School with Linux; Ubuntu 9.04 Released

OCLUG (The Ottawa Canada Linux Users Group) is putting on an event called—you guessed it—End of School with Linux. This is happening on April 28, 2009 starting at 11am at the University of Ottawa in the SITE building, room C0136. The purpose of the event is to help people with their Linux systems, install Linux, fix issues, and just generally help out in the community. Your humble blogger will be there, manning the booth from 1200-1600, so come on down. And tell a friend, too.

Sydney SQL Server User Group — April 2009 Meeting

The presentation in two parts was exactly what an Oracle DBA like me would need to have a peek into the security territory of SQL Server. I was afraid it would be really “deep dive” and assumed lots of SQL Server knowledge but I was actually fine. I think it would be cool to have a full day real deep dive and looking at what Peter was talking about, I’m convinced that he could keep going further and further into details should we give him more time.

New England Database Society Meeting

I am passing this along — I am not sure if most folks reading this can make it, as it is last-minute and in the Boston area, but I figured I’d let people know that the New England Database Society exists. It’s free, sponsored by Sun (and has been for years, long before Sun bought MySQL), and is hosted by my college database professor, Mitch Cherniack.

Real Time Data Warehousing Presentation and Video

At the March Boston MySQL User Group meeting, Jacob Nikom of MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory presented “Optimizing Concurrent Storage and Retrieval Operations for Real-Time Surveillance Applications.” In the middle of the talk, Jacob said he sometimes calls what he did in this application as “real-time data warehousing”, which was so accurate I decided to give that title to this blog post.

Presentation: Partitioning in MySQL 5.1

At the January 2009 Boston User Group I presented a session on the new partitioning feature in MySQL 5.1. I go through how to define partitions, how partitioning makes queries faster, the different types of partitioning and when to use each type, and the restrictions and limitations of partitioning. The slides and video are available here.

Riyaj’s Presentations at SIOUG and DOUG

I recently traveled to Europe to present at a few conferences. The Slovenia Oracle User Group (SIOUG) conducted an Oracle conference in Portoroz, a port city in Adriatic Sea. Back to reality. I presented a few papers for the Dallas Oracle Users Group (DOUG) for their October tech meeting too. All these papers can be accessed following these links…Also, if you are planning to attend the UKOUG Conference & Exhibition in December, please attend my presentation on “Cost based query transformation” on Thursday of that week.

MMUG: Second Meeting Review and Slides

The Malta MySQL User Group (MMUG) met for the second time this Thursday, and compared to last time, we had a much better venue: Ixaris Systems let us use their board room, so we had all the tools we needed to have a good meeting. Overall, I’m very pleased with this meeting, we had some valuable talks and questions raised during the presentations, and some very good company in good venue. I’d like to thank Pythian, Ixaris, and the MySQL Community team for their support in helping us.