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MMUG: Community, Education, and Good Company in Malta

In this second MySQL User Group meeting, we’ll again focus on general best practices and free discussions, in order to share our knowledge as much as we can. The last meeting was in Mellieha and it was a success — we had a good turnout and some very interesting discussions. Darren, one of our members, blogged about our meeting and so did I in one of my previous posts. If you’d like to learn more about MySQL, or if you’re a DBA (doesn’t matter which level) I encourage you to email us (and sign up to our mailing list) at malta (at) Or subscribe here. You can also, as always, email me directly at: westerlund (at)

First MMUG Meetup in Malta

So, the Malta MySQL User Group has had its first ever meet-up today, and it was a success! he evening proceeded with a introduction of ourselves, our interest in MySQL, and mainly talk about weird bugs that we had encountered during our careers. Oh, we also discussed Kickfire a bit, and it does indeed sound like a very interesting product, which I’d love to try out one day. Overall, I am very satisfied with this meeting and the turnout.

Alex Gorbachev’s RSS Feeds Aggregated

The Pythian blog has grown significantly since then and many more excellent authors started blogging there. While the Pythian blog was mostly focused on Oracle database just a couple years ago, it’s has got very broad coverage might be just too much for some as few people already complained and unsubscribed to avoid being overwhelmed with is a way to subscribe only to a selected category or a single author — just add /feed/ at the end of pretty much any page.

How Much Does a Damian Conway? (Keynote Video)

The last keynote of Tuesday evening at OSCon 2008 was entitled “Temporarily Quaquaversal Virtual Nanomachine Programming in Multiple Topologically Connected Quantum-Relativistic Parallel Timespaces…..Made Easy!” Damian Conway is a speaker that should not be missed. He spends his time hacking perl to do fascinating and obscure feats of technology such as time travel. This video is just over an hour of rolling laughter that will entertain you into realizing what a genius Damian Conway is. Now, most of my exposure is within the MySQL Community, so if folks could pass the links to the video along to other communities, that would be great.

MySQL User Group in Malta

That’s right. MySQL now has a user group in Paradise. I am always looking into connecting with other MySQL professionals, to share the laughs and tears, and to enjoy what we love working with every day, MySQL. I have always wanted to bring us all together, and I thought that this would have a good chance of doing so.We will be having our first meeting in Mellieha, and please RSVP to me personally via email, westerlund (at) if you want to attend.

Alex Gorbachev at the TOUG July 2008 Meeting

Small local user group meetings have their own beauty because of the special intimate atmosphere. We expected somewhat higher attendance but it seems that people were already in the holiday mode. The presentation itself went very well and I liked my pace since I didn’t have any time pressure. I’ve done this presentation before in 45 minutes and this time it took slightly more than an hour but I was able to spend additional time on few more complex topics and explain the underlying concepts making sure we all are on the same page. I also enjoyed the questions during the presentation — always a pleasure to know which parts are more interesting to the audience and questions is one of the best indicators. Another one is when people take notes. All in all — it was a very encouraging hour. Thanks to every one who attended!

MySQL Backup Presentation Online

I finished uploading the backup presentation that I did last Monday at the Boston MySQL User’s Group. I cover the basics of backup/recovery and disaster planning. Total time is about an hour and three minutes. It was a lot of fun and the Bostonians seem to appreciate it.