Technical details on the Exadata Storage Server

Sep 24, 2008 / By Paul Vallee


On Darrin Leboeuf’s advice, I loaded Kevin Closson’s blog, and sure enough, he had something ready to publish.

It must have been KILLING Kevin to keep this a secret. It must be a huge load off to publish this thing.

Anyway, Christo has been assigned to study this in detail and digest it overnight. Expect some good analysis tomorrow.

So, here is Kevin’s post publishing some technical details.


P.S. I am sure this is the future direction of storage intelligence. The fact that Oracle is setting the bar to only formatting half the disks in order to satisfy the IO saturation of the bandwidth will set a new bar. Do you know how hard we work to convince customers to do this (and fail!?) That, and the connection to BAHD and the problems I laid out in that article are obvious, this approach sets a new bar and addresses all of those issues.

Christo, by the way, is willing to bet this is a full-blown Oracle instance running on each Exabyte Storage Server. Interesting idea. From a manageability point of view, this is mind-boggling but possible.

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