The ScaleDB shared-disk clustering Storage Engine for MySQL

Sep 22, 2009 / By Sheeri Cabral

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Mike Hogan, CEO of ScaleDB spoke at the Boston MySQL User Group in September 2009:

ScaleDB is a storage engine for MySQL that delivers shared-disk clustering. It has been described as the Oracle RAC of MySQL. Using ScaleDB, you can scale your cluster by simply adding nodes, without partitioning your data. Each node has full read/write capability, eliminating the need for slaves, while delivering cluster-level load balancing. ScaleDB is looking for additional beta testers, there is a sign up at

Slides are online (and downloadable) at

Watch the video online at or directly embedded here:

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2 Responses to “The ScaleDB shared-disk clustering Storage Engine for MySQL”

  • On a 5th page there is a centralized lock manager? Is it a real implementation detail with all locks being managed by a single node? What if that node goes down?

    In Oracle RAC each node is a resource master for some subset of resources.

  • Matthew Montgomery says:

    @Alex, from the page

    High-Availability: There is no single point of failure. […] If the Cluster Manager fails, one of the database nodes takes over the Cluster Manager role. The data on disk is mirrored to protect against disk failure.

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