Sun Oracle Database Machine Renamed Oracle Exadata Database Machine

Sep 18, 2010 / By Marc Fielding

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I was looking at the Exadata page on OTN and noticed something interesting: instead of the “Sun Oracle Database Machine”, it’s now headlined as the “Oracle Exadata Database Machine”. I’m glad to see that the official name of the database machine now matches what it’s being called colloquially anyway.

Here’s a quick review of some of the oft-confused equivalent terms we see in the Exadata world:

  • Oracle Exadata Database Machine = Sun Oracle Database Machine = Oracle Database Machine: the entire appliance configuration, including the physical rack, database servers, storage servers, and power/networking equipment.
  • Oracle Exadata Storage Server = Storage Cell = Exadata Cell: the server inside the database machine that handle back-end data storage
  • Oracle Exadata Storage Server Software = Storage cell software: not to be confused with the server hardware itself, the server software is the set of software programs (CELLSRV, RS, MS etc) that run on top of the operating system on the storage servers, handling high-level I/O processing.

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