UKOUG Day 1.5

Nov 30, 2010 / By Daniel Fink

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After an inauspicious start (note to self – create a travel packing checklist), my 7th visit to Birmingham for the UKOUG Conference is in full swing. As in the past, the quality of the presentations is outstanding and the biggest challenge to the attendee is to decide which of the 3 concurrent sessions to attend.

  • Large Scale ASM Adoptions and Lessons Learned (Jeremy Schneider) – #1 success factor for ASM implementations is the buy in from Systems Teams.
  • Mostly Hidden Mostly Free Oracle Features (Graham Wood) – If you are using AWR and distributing the report, always include an ADDM report. It may not be 100% correct, but it does provide an automatic first level analysis.
  • Practical ASH (David Kurtz) – For systems with lots of literal sql, different statements with the same plan hash value are often identical, except for the literal values.
  • Top Tips for the CBO (Maria Colgan) – Cardinality misestimation is the top problem for the optimizer.
  • Time Series Analysis (Wolfgang Breitling) – Combining data and statistical techniques can help identify specific changes that impact performance and predict future performance.

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