UKOUG Days 2 & 3

Dec 1, 2010 / By Daniel Fink

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My presentations are finished and the feedback positive (“This was not what I had expected, but it is really making me think.”). I will be presenting one of sessions (Using AWR/ASH data) at RMOUG Training Days and Hotsos Symposium 2011 with minor modifications (I wonder…can I use the 11g analytical function LISTAGG with AWR/ASH data?).

Highlights from the last day and a half…

  • AWR Time Series Analysis (Breitling) – Don’t underestimate the benefit of vizualization in analysis.
  • Co-operating with the database (Lewis) – Bad systems fail because they are bad and nobody uses them; Good systems fail because they are good and everybody uses them.
  • ASM Failability (Gorbachev) – There is no configuration that protects you 100% of the time.
  • Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting, Part 1 (Geist) – Finding a good tuning fix without any side effects is not a trivial task.
  • ASM Redundancy Levels (Hawker) – Automated processes and disaster recovery can have unintended, unforeseen and disasterous side effects.
  • Back to the Basics (Poder) – Performance diagnosis and optimization is an art…only to those who do not understand fundamentals.
  • Advanced Oracle Troubleshooting, Part 2 (Geist) – Cursor dumps will show the bind variable value used to parse the plan and the current value for the execution.

Now…in my own defense…my blog posts are short because I value my reader’s time and want to deliver high informational throughput!

Well…the reality is that I left my netbook’s power supply at home and my battery power is limited to only essential and brief work. I shall endeavor to expound on my adventures under regular power later in the week!

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  • Gwen Shapira says:

    Actually, I prefer your updates :)

    Alex’s posts went to my “to read when I have 30 minutes of free time. Probably during the holidays”.

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