Under The Hood of Oracle Clusterware 2.0: Grid Infrastructure

Feb 15, 2013 / By Alex Gorbachev

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I’ve recently realized that I hadn’t posted the second version of my presentation — Under The Hood of Oracle Clusterware 2.0: Grid Infrastructure, codenamed UTHOC2. I think it would be very useful as I still see lots of questions being asked, and UTHOC1 covers Oracle RAC 10g and 11gR1 only. 11g Release 2 brought many changes in the clusterware, and the slides needed some good refresh.

Seeing how much changes are in 11.2, I wouldn’t expect that the next release (and some call it 12c and say it’s coming out very soon) of Oracle Database will have any significant changes. Now, participating on Oracle beta, I know more than what I could assume a couple years ago, but I shall remain silent for now and just leave you with my old opinion. Perhaps there will be time for UTHOC3 soon. What do you folks think?

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