Upcoming Boston MySQL User Group: SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS demystified

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On Monday, October 12, 2009* from 7-9 pm at MIT, I will be giving a presentation explaining SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS for the Boston MySQL User Group. There is information about foreign keys, transactions, deadlocks and mutexes just waiting to be discovered, and I will show how to decipher the information.

For all those in the Boston area, I hope to see you there! For those who cannot be there, we will video this presentation and make it available online, and post here when the video/slides are up.

*Yes, I realize that this is a bank holiday in the US.

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What room/building on the campus will this be held?


Whoops! Forgot to link to the details:


But just so it’s here:

MIT Building E51, Room 372
4 amherst street
Cambridge, MA 02142


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