Video: Eric Day and Patrick Galbraith Speak About Drizzle and Gearman

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At the July MySQL User Group, Eric Day and Patrick Galbraith spoke about Drizzle, a lightweight, microkernel, open source database for high-performance scale-out applications, and Gearman, an open source, distributed job queuing system.

The slides can be downloaded from

The first hour of video, where Eric and Patrick talk about Drizzle, is at, and below:

The second part, about 1.5 hours, where Eric and Patrick talk about Gearman, and then illustrate Gearman and Drizzle working together in a custom search application called Narada, is at and below:

There’s a lot of information in those presentations, and I would like to wholeheartedly thank Eric and Patrick for such a wonderful user group!


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