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At the December 2010 Boston MySQL User Group meeting a few days ago, Oracle/MySQL sales engineer Bill Papp gave a presentation on ‘An Overview of MySQL Cluster’.

Slides are online at

The video is on YouTube at

Here is the description Bill gives of this presentation:

Now, more than ever, databases have to scale linearly to handle high spikes in usage, deliver 24 x 7 continuous availability and low latency. At the same time, many workloads need to maintain the data consistency delivered by transactional integrity.

MySQL Cluster is the industry’s leading real-time, write-scalable transactional database, combining 99.999% availability with the low TCO of open source. With a distributed shared-nothing architecture and no single point of failure, MySQL Cluster can scale linearly to meet the unprecedented demands of next generation web, e-commerce, and telecommunications / network services.

Typical use cases in web services include:

* User profile management for service authentication and authorization

* eCommerce (customer and order data, payment processing, product inventory tracking, etc.)

* Web Session Management

* Social Networks (user profiles, authentication, real-time status updat! es, etc.)

* On-Line Content Delivery (i.e. user data, content catalogs, subscription processing & management)

* Near Real-Time Data Analysis (using Geographic Replication to update MyISAM, InnoDB, etc. tables with real-time transactional updates from MySQL Cluster)


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