Welcome ASH Masters!

May 21, 2008 / By Alex Gorbachev

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Welcome ASH Masters!

I have already mentioned about the excellent work that Kyle Hailey did around Active Session History (ASH). Kyle has also created ASHMON.

The latest news — there is a new web site — ashmasters.com. This is the place where you can leave your comments and questions about ASH and ASHMON. Wondering how you can query ASH data? There are some ready to use queries. Have a cool idea how to use ASH and query ASH data? Share it there and have it added to the ASH Masters queries toolkit.

I hear, some of you say – “Right… ASH… 10g… Diagnostic Pack…” No panic, there is poor man’s ASH — ASH Simulation. This is the way to get some benefits of ASH while still running Oracle 9i or Oracle 10g without Diagnostic Pack.

Sounds exciting? It does, indeed!

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