Welcome Gwen Shapira to Pythian

Apr 8, 2010 / By Alex Gorbachev

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I’m excited to announce that Gwen Shapira has started with Pythian this week. :) Chen is no stranger here and many of my colleagues already know her and were in touch — she just naturally fits in.

Gwen is the world class production Oracle DBA. She has been maintaining a popular Oracle blog and is a great addition to Pythian bloggers — Gwen posted on Pythian blog before her actual official join date authoring Log Buffer last week. She is also on Twitter and you can follow her @gwenshap. Turns out that even Pythian SQL Server DBA’s are frequent readers of her blog — who knew?

Gwen is also a frequent presenter at the conferences such as RMOUG10, Hotsos09, OOW09 and OOW08.

Gwen is an Oracle ACE and also a member of OakTable Network. She is very active in her local user group, Northern California Oracle User Group (NoCOUG), carrying duties of the Training Day Coordinator.

Welcome Gwen to the Pythian team! I’m sure you are already working on acceptance testing of that new Oracle 11g RAC cluster that is slated to go live… eh… this weekend? ;-)

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