Welcome Dan Fink to Pythian!

Sep 12, 2010 / By Alex Gorbachev

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Beginning Oracle SQLI’m very excited to welcome yet another fellow Oakie to Pythian — Daniel Fink has recently joined us in Denver. In the last couple weeks, we have enjoyed having Dan at our Headquarters in Ottawa. Dan is now up to speed and fully trained on Pythian processes and will be joining me and Gwen at the Michigan OakTable Symposium on his way back to Denver.

As you must have already figured out, Dan is that surprise third Pythian speaker at MOTS. He will be presenting his new presentation — “Customizing ASH and AWR: Going Beyond ashrpt.sql and awrrpt.sql”. It was good timing as he was able to use lots of AWR data from Pythian customers in the examples.

I think Dan’s experience starting with Oracle on OpenVMS would be very helpful. :) Dan, have you already worked on that customer running Oracle 9i RAC on OpenVMS and thinking moving to 10g?

Dan has special focus on Oracle performance and knowledge of Oracle database internals. As I already mentioned, Dan is a member of the OakTable Network. He is also an author and a regular presenter at the conferences. Dan has also been actively involved in Rocky Mountain Oracle User Group (they are organizing one of the best Oracle conferences in the world). He is also “inserting odd statements into bios to see if any is really reading them“.

Welcome to Pythian Dan!

Oh, and expect new blog posts from Dan very soon appearing here.

In the meantime, I could report that Dan likes music
Dan and piano

and, being an expert at ASH (Active Steaks History – thanks Fahd for the hint), he cooks absolutely fantastically delicious steaks!
steaks cooking
Dan and steak
steak cut

Dan, you are so much welcome to come again… especially that you coming with your own steaks and actually cook them!

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