What Happens in Vegas, Doesn’t Stay in Vegas – Collaborate 14

Apr 10, 2014 / By Fahd Mirza

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IOUG’s Collaborate 14, is star-studded this year with the Pythian team illuminating various tracks in the presentation rooms. It’s acting like a magnet in the expo halls of The Venetian for data lovers. It’s a kind of rendezvous for those who love their data. So if you want your data to be loved, feel free to drop by at Pythian booth 1535.

Leading from the front is Paul Vallée with an eye-catching title, with real world gems. Then there is Michael Abbey’s rich experience, Marc Fielding’s in-depth technology coverage and Vasu’s forays into Apps Database Administration. There is my humble attempt at Exadata IORM, and Rene’s great helpful tips, and Alex Gorbachev’s mammoth coverage of mammoth data – it’s all there with much more to learn, share and know.

Vegas Strip is buzzing with the commotion of Oracle. Even the big rollers are turning their necks to see what the fuss is about. Poker faces have broken into amazed grins, and even the weird, kerbside card distribution has stopped. Everybody is focused on the pleasures of Oracle technologies.

Courtesy of social media, all of this fun isn’t confined to Vegas. You can follow @Pythian on Twitter to know it all, live, and in real time.

Come Enjoy!

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  • Patrik says:

    so happy birthday to aotskm !hopefully we will have this as a ressource some decades longer …funny, when I drove to work this morning, I remembered the very first day I came into contact with the Oracle software:1st of May, 1992almost exactly 18 years agoI was fascinated by this “multi-version”-stuff:I could update one table in one session and see the results of this update in the same session whereas in another session I still saw the data like before the update.I liked that ! (and still are fascinated by the Oracle software).

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