When to Use MongoDB and Hadoop

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Pythian has been working with clients on big data consulting projects, and when it comes to MongoDB and Hadoop, we are often asked two questions.

  • What is the differences between Hadoop and MongoDB?
  • Can Hadoop and MongoDB be used together?

Alex Gorbachev, Pythian’s CTO, recorded this short video to share his insight and answer these two questions.

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here is a question, i am working on a project for DDOS mitigation system.
and i am looking into mitigating other kinds of attacks as well.
n i am planning to do this by monitoring the patterns of attacks.
so here, i wanted to know what will be useful for storing the database of the patterns: mongodb or hadoop ?

awaiting your reply…


Sounds like MongoDB is the best option and then once go beyond few TB , let’s say 3 or 5 TB then You can integrate hadoop to process large data.


Hi Alex,

I’m interested in exploring a bit more Hadoop and I’d like to have some suggestions on where to starting from… any website? book? etc
Thanks in advance for your help.



I would suggest go through some videos on youtube and start experimenting with Hadoop

1. Collection of Videos on Hadoop/Eco-System components

2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziqx2hJY8Hg


I do sorta disagree with one item that he stated. He said that mongo is used with values like dozens or hundreds of rows. In my experience, it works very well with very large numbers of documents. We are successfully using data in our website that has nearly 3 million rows. Obviously we are paging the data, but retrieving the data is still relatively pretty fast for the amount of data that we have. We have several other collections with 100,000’s of documents also.


I am database administrator and would like to know between Hadoop and MongoDB which one serve me better in my career. I have doing some reading and it seems like there is very specific parts in Hadoop that has to do with the data management itself. Can you point me towards the correct one?


How About Both.


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