When to Use MongoDB and Hadoop

Apr 17, 2013 / By Samer Forzley

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Pythian has been working with clients on big data consulting projects, and when it comes to MongoDB and Hadoop, we are often asked two questions.

  • What is the differences between Hadoop and MongoDB?
  • Can Hadoop and MongoDB be used together?

Alex Gorbachev, Pythian’s CTO, recorded this short video to share his insight and answer these two questions.

2 Responses to “When to Use MongoDB and Hadoop”

  • Neenu says:

    here is a question, i am working on a project for DDOS mitigation system.
    and i am looking into mitigating other kinds of attacks as well.
    n i am planning to do this by monitoring the patterns of attacks.
    so here, i wanted to know what will be useful for storing the database of the patterns: mongodb or hadoop ?

    awaiting your reply…

    • Neeraj says:

      Sounds like MongoDB is the best option and then once go beyond few TB , let’s say 3 or 5 TB then You can integrate hadoop to process large data.

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