Where’s Everyone Gone?

Nov 10, 2009 / By Alex Gorbachev

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Now that our new web-site is live I’d like to do the first blog post on it!

You shouldn’t be surprised if you notice that it’s difficult to locate your DBAs in the first week of December (i.e. in just two weeks from now)! And you know why? Because you need to be looking in the right place to find them.

UKOUG 2009 Conference

You are likely to know already that I’ll be going to the UKOUG Conference Technology & E-Business Suite 2009 and present few sessions. Few more people from Pythian are actually coming as well:

  • Christo Kutrovsky is coming to present with a smashing topic — “RAC + ASM: 3 years in production – Stories to share”. It’s on Wednesday at 12:50pm.
  • Paul Vallee is coming to cut some slack. Last year it’s been his first UKOUG conference and you bet he liked it so much that he couldn’t afford to miss it this year. It happens to many… Did I tell you that I didn’t miss a single one since I first came in 2006?

That’s all for now folks. Make sure you say hello to us if you are at the UKOUG. The simplest way to reach us is Twitter — @alexgorbachev, @paulvallee and @kutrovsky.

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