World’s Best Destination on Budget in 2013 for Your Data

Jan 9, 2013 / By Fahd Mirza

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No, it’s not cloud, engineered system, or JBOD, if you are wondering. Surely, it can be any of those things, and anything else. It really doesn’t matter if your data resides in good, reliable, always-there hands. So what’s the destination of choice in this brand new year?

I am there at this very moment, and what a fantastic destination it is. It is the Hawaii, Nanga Parbat, or Fiji of the database world. This fairy meadow destination is where your data is kept as petals. This destination is cared round the clock by the best professionals of the database world, with sheer love and utmost diligence.

Today’s travelers are cost conscious. They want the best, but need to stay on budget. That is perfectly understandable. What about having literally hundreds of database administrators, dozens of managers, and a plethora of other staff working seamlessly ensuring the smooth humming of your data, no matter what fraction of cost?

Whether you are after a back-packer style trip, a full blown luxurious cruise, or something in between, this destination has it all. So love your data, make it happy, and let Pythian do the magic! It is the ultimate, mind-blowing, and mesmerizing joint for data.

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