Industry Expertise


Pythian helps leading retailers, like Arc’teryx, American Apparel, and Sonos, use data more strategically and conquer their omni-channel challenges through integrated, highly available data systems.

Financial Services

Financial services companies like Ixaris trust Pythian to secure their data, keep transactions flowing smoothly, and comply with strict regulations—helping their business avoid costly crashes and errors.

Media & Entertainment

Online companies, like Fox Sports and, rely on Pythian’s data management experts to keep their data and the infrastructure that supports it secure, highly available, and running at peak performance.


Pythian's extensive data management expertise helps educational organizations deliver engaging, innovative learning experiences using cool new classroom technologies—securely and reliably.

Information Services

When data is the lifeblood of your business, downtime is not an option. With Pythian, your data systems are available and scalable—ready to process huge volumes of information at any given moment.


Pythian builds and manages secure data systems that help healthcare organizations easily share sensitive information, ensure complete patient privacy, and comply with strict health regulations.

Featured Case Studies

TinyCo Case Study

Serving up more than a million downloads a month, TinyCo turned to Pythian as their trusted advisor to deliver around-the-clock expert support and a next-generation, scalable architecture.

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Pythian has been an extension of our team. I can spend eight hours researching an obscure problem or call them and they’ve probably encountered it before and can fix it. They provide us with that depth of expertise on a dime and we’ve been able to lean on them for maintenance and operation support.quotation marks
Bo Shi, Software Engineer

Ixaris Case Study

Pythian reduced Ixaris’ application downtime from 4-6 hours to 15 minutes and increased the scalability, reliability, and performance of its MySQL database.

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I would recommend Pythian to any company that either does not have the manpower or the skills internally to handle their database operations. For rapidly growing start-ups, like Ixaris, Pythian’s skills and round-the-clock support were invaluable and helped us meet the resource demands we needed.quotation marks
Andre Vella, Head of Data Management

Inpho Case Study

Pythian delivered a cost-effective redundant solution and reduced customer-facing application response time from 40 seconds to 2 seconds.

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Throughout the many years of our relationship, Pythian has been instrumental in maintaining our most critical applications. We’ve come to rely on their expertise for our daily support.quotation marks
Graeme Campbell, Technical Director, Operations

World Wide Technology Case Study

Pythian performed a massive database upgrade, with virtually no downtime. The result was a 60% increase in capacity and more than $1 million in savings over 3 years.

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Pythian was brought in on short notice to solve difficult challenges and they did a fantastic job… They’ve quickly become my ‘in case of emergency, break glass’ support and my most trusted advisors – I have the confidence that when I call Pythian, they’ll give me an answer than isn’t just plausible, but correct.quotation marks
Todd Carlson, Manager, DBA/ERP Teams

Nordion Case Study

In the nuclear medicine business, time is of the essence. That’s why Nordion turned to Pythian to ensure around-the-clock availability of its mission-critical systems.

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Pythian is the little tugboat among the big tankers—it has the agility to turn around quickly and get the job done. And as they gained more and more experience with us, our only question was: why would we ever even consider staffing DBAs internally? quotation marks
Ian Beaulieu, DBA Manager

Fox Sports Case Study

High game-day traffic meant increasingly slow response times Fox Sports Fantasy Football players . Pythian reduced the wait from 1 minute to 1 second.

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FreshDirect Case Study

When FreshDirect’s customers started experiencing significant log-in delays when ordering groceries, FreshDirect turned to Pythian, who reduced log-in times from 1 minute to half a second.

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Grasshopper Case Study

Fast growth was straining Grasshopper’s data infrastructure. Pythian reduced reporting times from 40 minutes to 9 seconds, lowered maintenance costs for 10% of the initial quote.

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Tower International Case Study

Tower wanted to achieve the significant cost savings associated with server consolidation, but recognized the risks so turned Pythian experts for a flawless migration.

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Data Commons Case Study

Pythian's DevOps expertise helped Data Commons align their operations and development, which resulted in a faster, more efficient, and secure AWS deployment.

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The most impressive thing about Pythian is the level of talent they bring. Talent isn’t scalable. You either have it or you don’t. Being responsive and cooperative—understanding and knowing how to speak to one’s audience—isn’t an easy skill in this business. But Pythian has it.
Leonard Armstrong, Director, Information Technology