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Pythian’s data consulting and managed services are for clients who require complete peace of mind when it comes to their data. From staff augmentation to full enterprise data management, our dedicated professionals have the expertise to help you plan, deploy, and manage a data environment that doesn't just support business—it makes business possible.


Beats Music
Pythian’s staff have been instrumental in helping us architect and operate the Beats Music service. They’re immediately and impressively responsive whenever needed, which isn’t often because most times concerns have been proactively identified and resolved prior to degradation. Tomas and Alex as single points of contact have helped us shape concerns without having to manage large teams, and I sleep much better at night knowing our core database and Hadoop systems are in very capable hands.quotation marks
Tom Pepper,
Vice President, Operations
Cleaver Brooks, Inc.
Pythian's team is very knowledgeable and professional. We listen closely and value their advice. I recommend them to anyone looking for a high level of expertise in data management technologies. quotation marks
Ross Patterson,
Senior Director, Applications and Solution Delivery
Parsons Brinckerhoff
Pythian has exceeded our expectation with respect to the Microsoft side of things. When they came in and did the discovery, they found databases we didn’t even realize we had. They were able to pull all that in, organize it and point out what we were missing. They really helped us out a lot. quotation marks
Lowell Lindeman,
DBA Manager


Pythian’s data consulting and managed services are for clients who require complete peace of mind when it comes to their data. From staff augmentation to full enterprise data management, our dedicated professionals have the expertise to help you plan, deploy, and manage a data environment that doesn't just support business—it makes business possible.


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Big Data

Big Data Consulting Services

Staying current in the fast-changing world of big data and its tools requires deep skills in all aspects of big data. Enterprises need trusted advisors to guide them to the right decisions. Pythian brings to the table a unique perspective and extensive experience. We work with clients across multiple industries and platforms to develop customized data systems. From defining the strategy, to deploying and monitoring it, we’ll help you assess your needs, design your architecture, and create a strategic road map–ensuring you get more from your data.

  • Customize your big data solutions to suit your needs and requirements
  • Identify the best technologies and platforms to propel your business
  • Stay at the forefront of the emerging big data market with custom solutions
  • Drive performance without interrupting your day-to-day operations
  • Turn over your complex technology concerns to big data experts

Big Data Managed Services

With multiple solutions available, choosing the best data management platform is challenging. Pythian’s Big Data Managed Services helps enterprises demystify this process. Our database and infrastructure experts can help you navigate the big data world, and create a reliable, scalable solution that integrates seamlessly with your existing data infrastructure. Round-the-clock system monitoring and consultation with specialists who work on big data projects daily means your data is always safe while your systems run smoothly.

  • Gain critical insights quickly to plan and execute strategies
  • Integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure to keep your business running smoothly
  • Develop a reliable, scalable big data platform that grows with your enterprise
  • Build your solution with the best tools, technologies, and expertise
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Cloud Services

Move to the Cloud with Confidence

Despite the benefits of the cloud, many enterprises are hesitant to move their data—concerned it could compromise data security and the integrity of their infrastructure. Pythian’s extensive experience in cloud applications and hosts, like Amazon, Rackspace, and Microsoft Windows Azure, will help alleviate those fears. We have over 215 years combined experience working in complex data environments. We will help you determine if the cloud is right for your business, choose the most appropriate solution, and build an architecture that maximizes performance, minimizes risk, reduces costs, and improves collaboration and productivity.

  • Drive performance with remotely stored data and applications without expensive hardware or infrastructure
  • Accelerate your growth with scalable data management solutions
  • Build your networking and infrastructure in less time without business interruptions
  • Shift exposure of sensitive data to a secure external cloud to reduce your data’s internal exposure
  • Gain robust backup, disaster recovery and migration processes to ensure business continuity
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Development Velocity and Operational Excellence at Any Scale

Pythian’s DevOps model helps you transform isolated development and operations teams into single, coherent, rapid configuration, and code deployment machines. It’s a transformational approach to creating enterprise business applications and services. By streamlining processes and communication between software design and IT operations, your business not only achieves remarkable operational excellence and availability at any scale, but enables you to quickly meet business and customer needs by rapidly launching new services and capabilities.

  • Increase velocity by reducing time to market from months to days to minutes.
  • Improve efficiency and by streamlining processes, automating tasks, and developing a continuous feedback loop.
  • Quickly detect and fix threats through advanced monitoring, shorter release cycles, and test-case automation.
  • Plan, design, develop, and deploy new architectures, applications, and features significantly faster and with improved quality.
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Business Resilience

Protect Your Business and Your Data

Pythian business resiliency experts have extensive experience developing high availability, disaster recovery, and security plans for critical data systems. We consider all your requirements—acceptable downtime, critical applications, recovery time targets, service level commitments—and ensure your data is available and recoverable, no matter what happens. Having worked with almost every configuration imaginable, we have the experience and insight to anticipate how your systems will react to increased demands, outages, and disasters.

  • Manage and monitor your system to prevent unnecessary downtime and outages
  • Build in high availability to improve uptime, allowing business to continue as usual
  • Reduce downtime and enable fast recovery times to avoid disaster
  • Back up systems and provide redundancy for easy restoration and system resiliency
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Data Integration

Gain Business Insight with Fast, Easy Access to Your Data

Today’s data sources come in different formats, from virtually anywhere inside or outside an organization. Individual departments often process and summarize this data in ways that suit their unique requirements, not the organization’s as a whole. Pythian’s Data Integration consultants will work with you to identify each and every data source in your organization, uncover existing integration points, and build the required infrastructure. The end result enables you to collect, process, and store information easily, allowing your entire organization to efficiently compile, share, or gain insights from your data, no matter where it might originate.

  • Lower data acquisition and storage costs
  • Consolidate sources for a single version of the truth
  • Make future predictions with access to historical data from different time periods
  • Access critical information from any source and rapidly make informed decisions
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Performance Optimization

Boost Business Agility and Reliability with Better Performance

How your IT systems perform affects almost every facet of your enterprise. Customers, employees, and supply chains expect immediate responses and reliable access to the information housed in your infrastructure. If your systems are slow or unresponsive, it can negatively impact your revenue, customer experience, and employee productivity. Pythian’s Performance Optimization consultants provide end-to-end services to determine which issues need immediate attention, and which ones can wait.  Solutions range from short-term fixes for critical issues, to long-term improvements to increase your system’s performance, reliability, and scalability for years to come.

  • Reduce costs through efficient use of expensive resources
  • Increase response times for better customer experience and retention
  • Accommodate growth with enhanced capacity planning
  • Budget more accurately through careful planning
  • Support business goals with a robust and reliable infrastructure
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System Architecture

Design a Data System That Suits Your Unique Business

Data systems can be built in any number of ways, but choosing the right architecture requires a deep understanding of your IT environment, business needs, and available options. Pythian’s system design specialists start every project with a careful analysis of your existing IT infrastructure. From there, we will create an architecture that is agile, scalable, and able to meet your evolving business objectives. Our consulting services include all aspects of architecture design from the conceptual level through to production, third-party integration, and installation, including data center selection and migrations.

  • Develop a scalable architecture that grows with your business
  • Optimize hardware to improve capacity and reduce licensing costs
  • Ensure each component works together seamlessly with expert guidance
  • Work with trusted advisors who only recommend proven technologies


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