Pythian launches ISV program to support ISV database needs

OTTAWA, Canada (February 10, 2010)

The Pythian Group Inc., the leading provider of remote database services, today announced the launch of its new ISV Partner Program, dedicated to assisting Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and their customers in the preparation, implementation, maintenance and management of their database environment(s) to ensure deployment success. The program targets ISVs who have new or existing database-intensive applications, providing them with an “instant-on” database services delivery capability, resulting in more positive customer deployments of the ISVs’ software.

Pythian is a trusted global industry-leader in remote database administration services and consulting for Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server. The company provides services for projects of any scale, to partners and clients ranging from midsize businesses to the Global 2000, and its flexible month-to-month utility-style services model has proven to be a popular and cost-effective approach to managing databases; many of which are mission-critical to these organizations.

From architecture planning, implementation, configuration and performance management, to business continuity, monitoring, security, as well as traditional and cloud migrations, Pythian’s certified DBAs provide services to plan, deploy and manage all aspects of the underlying database infrastructure.

“Pythian is quickly establishing itself as the leading ‘go-to’ organization when it comes to choosing a database services partner,” said Peter Ling VP business development and strategic alliances. “By partnering with Pythian, software vendors can rest assured that their applications will perform well, knowing that their customers’ databases are correctly installed, configured and maintained for proper ongoing usage, and customized specifically to the ISV’s application requirements.”

Pythian’s ISV partner program has no upfront program fees, and is ideal for software or appliance vendors whose application is database intense and requires a properly configured environment for their products to work effectively.

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