Schooner Information Technology Teams with Pythian

SUNNYVALE, CA (July 13, 2011)

Partnership Expands Industry-Leading Database Expertise and Consulting Services for Deployments using Schooner MySQL with Active Cluster.

Schooner Information Technology, Inc., which develops and markets high-availability MySQL and NoSQL software distributions for mission-critical applications, today announced a partnership with The Pythian Group, Inc., a leading provider of database and application infrastructure services. This partnership expands and strengthens the services and solutions the two companies deliver to businesses with MySQL deployments.

As part of the partnership, Pythian is extending its professional services to cover Schooner MySQL® with Active Cluster™. This is a complete high-availability distribution of MySQL and InnoDB, developed by Schooner under source code licenses from Oracle, with high-performance synchronous replication integrated into InnoDB. Using Schooner MySQL with Active Cluster, Pythian can now enable its customers to scale-out using high-performance, fully synchronous replication and automated failover among the nodes in a MySQL cluster. Customers will benefit from drastically reduced downtime, eliminated manual failover and recovery, and radically simplified cluster administration.

Schooner customers will also greatly benefit from Pythian’s professional and technical services. With Pythian’s proven expertise and experience in remote database administration (DBA) service and architecture, Schooner customers now have these options available to ensure the seamless, successful deployment of Schooner MySQL into their infrastructure.

“Many Pythian customers find themselves facing legacy MySQL replication challenges preventing them from updating and building applications on MySQL that are mission-critical,” said Andrew Waitman, chief executive officer for Pythian.. “Our partnership with Schooner will solve our customers’ MySQL replication pain points and is a great complement to our existing services.”

“Schooner is emerging as a leader in the most advanced and reliable solutions for driving MySQL performance and availability, and our partnership with Pythian reinforces that position,” said Jerry Rudisin, chief executive office for Schooner Information Technology. “Together with Pythian’s high-value professional services, the capabilities of Schooner MySQL with Active Cluster bring comprehensive support and solutions to businesses that are facing the intense demands of enterprise deployments and workloads.”

Schooner MySQL with Active Cluster is a full high-availability distribution of MySQL + InnoDB. By offering full synchronous replication deeply integrated into InnoDB, Schooner MySQL with Active Cluster guarantees no lost or stale data, and dramatically simplifies cluster administration. Schooner MySQL with Active Cluster also cuts downtime by 90 percent compared to legacy MySQL 5.1 or 5.5, and is supported on all widely-used x86 Linux / CentOS servers from HP, Dell and IBM.

Schooner Information Technology is a Gold member of Oracle Partner Network (OPN) and Pythian is a Platinum Specialized member of OPN.

About Pythian
Pythian is a global database and application infrastructure services company for Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server. Since 1997, companies have entrusted Pythian to keep their database infrastructures running efficiently and to help them strategically align their IT and business goals. Pythian’s unparalleled DBA skills, mature methodologies, best practices and tools enable clients to do more with fewer resources. Pythian’s corporate headquarters is in Ottawa Canada, with offices worldwide. To find out more visit

About Schooner Information Technology
Schooner provides high-availability MySQL and NoSQL software distributions for demanding mission-critical applications. Schooner MySQL with Active Cluster and Schooner Membrain include high-performance replication that guarantees no lost or stale data, provides instant automated failover and recovery, and simplifies cluster administration. Schooner software gets the most out of HDDs and SANs and even more from flash memory or Flashcache, enabling dramatic datacenter footprint reductions and less sharding. Customers rely on Schooner to slash the downtime that costs revenue, customers and reputation, and to cut spending on servers and the power, pipe, and people to run them. For more information visit

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