Protecting data is a critical priority for most organizations. Security violations—whether malicious or unintentional—can come from almost anywhere, but most incidents are caused by “power users”, typically people with extensive experience and access to advanced application features. Database administrators (DBAs) and system administrators (SAs), in particular, often have broad, unrestricted and unmonitored access to enterprise systems hosting critical or sensitive information.

Adminiscope is a privileged session management solution from Pythian that monitors and records all activity performed by system and database administrators across your entire IT infrastructure—including servers, databases, applications, and network devices. It is a zero footprint, transparent solution that protects your IT infrastructure from malicious attacks and minimizes damage from human error.


  • Monitor systems in real-time with live view feature
  • Protect data with session pause and block capabilities
  • Secure access to sensitive information with multi-factor authentication
  • Improve accountability and compliance with recorded sessions
  • Choose from three data centers for higher availability
  • Isolate environments for better control
  • Add multiple users
  • Record only system activities, not desktop, for complete privacy


  • Easy-to-deploy, comprehensive security gateway to your critical IT assets
  • Live view video streaming
  • Video replay capabilities
  • Video search and sort capabilities
  • Commenting and tagging functionalities
  • Video sharing and user collaboration
  • Client network segregation
  • Named user access with multi-factor authentication