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DBA Resources

The MySQL Plug-Ins for Oracle Enterprise Manager

The MySQL Plug-In for Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g/11g Grid Control and Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Cloud Control can help you monitor both your MySQL and Oracle databases with one solution. These Plug-Ins were developed by Pythian and, although we retain all rights to the intellectual property, we make them available to DBAs, at no cost, including ongoing updates.


Flash Cache Query Tool for Oracle Exadata

Pythian’s Christo Kutrovsky, Oracle ACE, wrote a handy little tool which provides the ability to query the cell flash content on all cells in Oracle Exadata, in a similar manner that you can query the buffer cache (db_cache) contents in v$bh.


FIT-ACER Human Reliability Checklist

The FIT-ACER human reliability checklist is a reminder checklist that Pythian developed to help improve human reliability. Although people can make mistakes, we strive to minimize how often they can occur by following a set of steps similar to a pilot's pre-takeoff checklist.


DBD::Oracle Project

The DBD::Oracle Project is a Perl driver that works with the DBI module to provide access to Oracle databases