From Hype to Reality – Big Data Best Practices Emerge

As firms move from big data hype to implementation, best practices are emerging. Forrester recently completed a study of firms that have production big data solutions today, and has identified several repeatable patterns and lessons learned. In this webinar, Forrester Principal Analyst Brian Hopkins will discuss and present case studies of three common patterns that employ Hadoop to create big data solutions. In addition he will discuss other findings, such as typical implementation time lines, do’s and don’ts and considerations for implementing big data analytics in the cloud.

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Featured Speaker

Brian Hopkins, Principal Forrester Analyst, has 15 years of experience in IT as an advisor, strategist, architect, and manager. As an analyst he is the lead for Forrester’s emerging technology playbook and has authored several ground breaking pieces on big data.His research provides practical advice to architects and IT strategists seeking to leverage emerging technology, improve their technology innovation practices and evolve their data management capabilities.