Hadoop is the platform of choice for big data analytics; however, getting started with Hadoop can be challenging. Very few companies have the required expertise to build an Hadoop production cluster and integrate it into their existing data infrastructure.

Pythian’s experts can help you use Hadoop for large-scale data processing and analysis. Starting from use-case discovery, we will help you figure out where Hadoop fits into your existing data infrastructure. Pythian’s unique expertise with both Hadoop and most major relational databases give us both the knowledge and the perspective to know when Hadoop is the correct solution and how to integrate it into existing enterprise data workflows.

Pythian will help you set up a proof of concept, showing stakeholders within the organization the advantage Hadoop brings to enterprise data processing. We will show you how to analyze data that was impractical to analyze before, or how to use Hadoop to speed up existing ETL processes. When you are ready to take the solution to production, Pythian will be there to plan the cluster with you, size the capacity to accommodate future growth, integrate the cluster into existing systems and workflows, and build the necessary operational processes that a production cluster will require.