MongoDB is a scalable, high-performance, open source NoSQL database. Pythian customers use MongoDB to improve response times, achieve higher availability, lower operational overhead, and reduce cost of ownership. It is a great technology for real-time, big data requirements.

Adopting new technologies is a challenge in any organization, and Pythian experts have the experience necessary to help fit MongoDB into your data architecture. Our highly skilled database administrators can work with your engineers and business owners to validate that MongoDB is a good fit for your requirements. We can help design a data model for your applications using MongoDB’s unique document-based, semi-structured schemas. We can run workload analysis and capacity planning models and size and plan your production cluster.

Once the planning is done and you are ready for production, Pythian’s DBAs can deploy the cluster, add nodes when necessary, tune it for your workloads, monitor to avoid running the cluster over-capacity, and troubleshoot if something goes wrong. This will allow your engineers to get the best value out of MongoDB with no downtime.