Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery planning ensures that if disaster strikes, your data infrastructure will be available to support your business operations with minimal or no downtime. No one enjoys thinking about disasters, but when all of your business-critical data could disappear or be inaccessible because of some unexpected force of nature, you need to be prepared.

Pythian’s experienced data consultants will help you develop the best disaster recovery plan for your business requirements and budget. We will work with you to choose the right solutions and technologies to ensure your data will be available, no matter what happens.

If disaster strikes and you don’t have a disaster recovery plan, Pythian will help get your business up and running again. We are equipped to act immediately and have experts all over the world who are available no matter where disaster strikes. Our teams are available 24x7x365 and can help if your IT staff is unreachable or unavailable.


I’d like to recognize Pythian for remarkable DR execution during hurricane Sandy. When our data center had lost power, Pythian immediately responded to emergency, performed failover, worked countless hours to ensure that our services continued uninterrupted and customers were not impacted. I am impressed by commitment and teamwork demonstrated by Pythian, working alongside Linkshare tech team and being integral part of recovery effort. I am proud of the synergy we built in the past few years ! - Dana Pylayeva, Manager, Shared Services at Rakuten LinkShare Corporation