Industry Solutions


A well-architected and tuned database can help you and your customers achieve their objectives quickly and encourage repeat business and customer loyalty. On the other hand, a poor-performing database can quickly cause frustration, mistrust, and customer retention problems.



A significant shift in the way education is being delivered is underway. No longer restricted to the classroom, educators are now delivering their content online and over mobile devices. Schools all over the world are offering courses when and how students want them. See why the top educators trust their infrastructure management to Pythian.


Financial Services

Banks and financial services companies have added demands on their data infrastructure. Handling billions of transactions a year means your critical data systems must perform optimally with zero downtime. The industry's top financial services companies trust Pythian to manage their data infrastructure.

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Healthcare Services

Customers are demanding access to their health records 24x7x365, and healthcare providers must deliver these records securely to ensure patient privacy. Improved communication and increased efficiency will speed access to care, improve its quality, and reduce administrative fees. See why top healthcare providers trust Pythian to manage their healthcare data.

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Information Services

When data is the lifeblood of your business, downtime is not an option. Your systems have to be resilient and available—ready to push, pull, compile, and process huge volumes of information at any given moment. Pythian’s database experts can help you plan and deploy an architecture that’s flexible and robust, delivering the capacity you need today and supporting future growth.


Social Media and Online Entertainment

Understanding your customer’s preferences and habits will help your company serve them better and respond to market demands in real time. To do this, customer data must be readily available yet highly secure. See why top social media and online entertainment companies trust Pythian to manage their customer data.