Healthcare Services

The healthcare industry faces multiple challenges when it comes to providing secure access to sensitive, private health information. Clinicians need their patients’ most up-to-date records to ensure the best care possible. Patients want their health records when they choose, in a format that makes sense to them. These records must be stored and delivered in a way that ensures patient privacy and complies with strict health regulations.

To deliver quality care affordably, the industry as a whole needs the ability to share, view, and update health records securely. Securing this sensitive and private data is the core challenge. Care must be taken in planning, architecting, and securing databases to ensure these data challenges are met.

Pythian’s years of experience and familiarity with healthcare industry regulations have made us a trusted partner for leading organizations in the health sector, such as MDS Nordion and Vertex Pharmaceuticals. We help you manage your systems through a dedicated team that gets to know you and your business intimately.