Want to create an engaging shopping experience for your customers?
Start with your database.

Your database is the heart of your retail business. It makes personalizing your site for individual shoppers possible. It lets shoppers scroll through your inventory to view pictures and descriptions of products, and make sure their colour and size are in stock. Customers can compare prices, pay for their order, and then track it every step of the way—from when it will ship to where it is in transit to when it will arrive at their front door.

Not only does your database perform each of these tasks—and more—it has to do it quickly. Customers and employees simply expect your web site and online systems to respond quickly to any request. A recent study by Google discovered that customers are only willing to wait a maximum of 4 seconds for a site to load. That’s not much time.

A well-architected and tuned database can help you and your customers achieve their objectives quickly and encourage repeat business and customer loyalty. On the other hand, a poor-performing database can quickly cause frustration, mistrust, and customer retention problems.