Social Media and Online Entertainment

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest empower customers to influence everything from how brands are perceived to how customer service responds to their demands. And that power is forcing companies to move at breakneck speed—marketing campaigns must be updated in real time and customer support has to resolve issues in minutes not days. Similarly, news media must stay ahead of the story and recognize when breaking news is unfolding anywhere in the world.

Driving it all is a deep understanding of customer data—from their purchase history to their likes and dislikes. Securing this data and making sense of it is critical to your company’s success. Pythian’s database experts are trusted by online companies like Fox Sports and to keep their data and the infrastructure that supports it secure, highly available, and running at peak performance. Our experienced teams are at your disposal 24x7x365. We have employees all over the world, so there’s always a member of your dedicated Pythian support team waiting to respond to your needs.