Configuration Management

Configuration management ensures that all information relating to your databases is recorded systematically and updated regularly—giving you more visibility and control of your environment. Configuration management safeguards your systems so that changes made in one area won’t adversely affect another.

Reliably documenting system changes helps you make better, more informed decisions, reduce performance risks, and help your systems function reliably and consistently over time. Pythian’s experts know the intricacies of databases and how to protect them with effective, industry-standard configuration management practices. We document every configuration change, in real time, with exact command syntax.

Our highly skilled database specialists will assess your environment and establish a configuration management process to manage and monitor all changes to your systems, including application data, software configuration, and operating systems. Once the system is in place, we can evaluate how modifications may affect overall performance and suggest improvements. The result is a more stable, consistent environment that is highly available and protected over the long run.