No data management system lives in isolation. Every company’s IT infrastructure is unique and includes many different software and hardware products—both in-house and vendor-supplied–and it’s important for these different products to communicate with each other.

Pythian’s years of work and broad customer base have given us extensive experience with custom internal and third-party products, outside of the core data management systems themselves. Pythian has developed and maintains the official MySQL plugin for Oracle Enterprise Manager, as well as DBD::Oracle, the most-used Oracle DB interface in Perl. We’ve connected many different software packages for moving the data itself and for infrastructure management, including MySQL with Oracle Database, Hadoop with Oracle Exadata, OEM Cloud Control with MySQL, and Oracle Exadata with BMC Event Manager.

We have integrated our own custom solutions with our clients’ systems—like Pythian’s issue tracking with a client’s ticketing system. Our proprietary monitoring system works securely with client networks, so our database administrators can be paged immediately if there’s an important event.

Whether you’re integrating big data, relational databases, system monitoring and management, or your own custom applications–we’ve worked with similar systems and we can ensure your project succeeds on time and on budget.