Data security involves protecting sensitive information from a variety of potential data breaches. Whether the breach comes from a malicious attack or an accident, it costs companies financially, and can easily destroy reputations and damage trust.

To protect data and enable regulatory compliance, many companies adopt perimeter security tactics, which usually focus on firewall protection and advanced user authentication. Other organizations try securing their data by simply limiting database access to a few people. While both approaches provide some security, they don’t take into account the range of security vulnerabilities inherent in databases and today’s enterprises.

At Pythian, our deep understanding of databases and their surrounding systems helps us get to the root cause of your vulnerability. Our expertise combined with best practices and ongoing monitoring and security reviews of your infrastructure, help us identify and fix those weak spots proactively—helping you pass complex audits and giving you the best possible protection for your most valuable asset.


"We knew Pythian's service was good, but you never appreciate it most until an emergency truly arises. Thanks to Allen and the rest of our team for giving us the seamless support to keep us running!" - Daniel Rosen, WIL Research Company