Oracle Database Appliance

The Oracle Database Appliance is a packaged, pre-engineered, two-server system that is quick to deploy, easy to maintain and offers integrated storage and an internal network. It is engineered from the ground up for fault tolerance and ease of management, which greatly reduces the complexity and deployment risk by delivering pre-integrated, rigorously-tested, industry-standard hardware.

Pythian routinely helps businesses evaluate and deploy the Oracle Database Appliance. Our broad customer base, deep technical knowledge, and independent perspective make us the ideal partner to help you determine if the Oracle Database Appliance makes sense to your business. Pythian can help you manage implementation details such as data migration, drawing on our extensive hands-on experience with the Appliance. After implementation, our expert technical teams can also provide any level of ongoing, responsive, operational support customized to your business.

Oracle Big Data Appliance

Oracle’s Big Data Appliance (BDA) is a quick and easy way to add big data capabilities to your data collection, processing, and analysis workflow. It combines optimized hardware with software to help you acquire, organize, and load unstructured data into Oracle Database.

Pythian has the expertise to assist in adoption and support of all Big Data Appliance components—InfiniBand networks, Hadoop, Oracle NoSQL, and the Oracle Big Data Connectors. Pythian’s database experts will help you assess whether Oracle’s Big Data Appliance is suited to your use-cases. We will run proof of concept tests to demonstrate the value BDA can add to your data processing requirements and support you through its production deployment, including monitoring the appliance itself and the data-processing jobs that are running on it.

Oracle Exadata Database Machine

The Oracle Exadata Database Machine has been engineered from the ground up for performance, scalability, fault tolerance, and ease of management. It combines the advantages of widely-used industry-standard hardware with rigorous component selection and testing process, avoiding both the uncertainty of unproven proprietary hardware and the complexities of integrating disparate hardware during project implementation.

Pythian’s Exadata services let you leverage our extensive Exadata experience, from evaluation and proof of concept all the way to implementation and post-implementation support. Pythian was the first managed service provider to implement an Exadata solution, migrating an existing high-transaction rate application from DB2 to Exadata. We can help you determine if Exadata is the right for you and then implement it.

Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud

Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud is a revolution in data center consolidation. Described as a “cloud in a box”, Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud is an integrated middleware platform that includes both the hardware and software to deploy Oracle WebLogic Server and Java-based applications, such as Oracle Fusion Applications. It uses the same backbone as the Oracle Exadata Database Machine, but is optimized for computing power rather than data storage, which means complex, distributed applications can run with unprecedented availability and responsiveness.

Pythian’s Oracle experts can assist with the planning, deployment, and management of Oracle Exalogic Elastic Cloud, from initial investigation and proof of concept to application migration and ongoing operational support. We provide a holistic view of the Oracle Exalogic system and your entire environment, including your storage, systems, networking, and databases—to ensure you are getting the best, most appropriate solution for your needs.