Oracle Database was one of the earliest relational databases and remains among the best-engineered. It is available in various editions to suit small, medium, or large enterprises.

Pythian’s Oracle teams manage systems of every configuration and are internationally respected within the Oracle professional community as authors and speakers. We have the highest concentration of Oracle ACEs in the world, including three ACE Directors.

We routinely help companies with Oracle Database strategy, architecture, implementation, and operations. We’re fluent with standard deployments and have extensive experience with many combinations of advanced database features and associated hardware or software technologies. Our broad customer base and independent perspective make us an invaluable partner from strategy to evaluation to operations.


MySQL is the world’s most popular open-source database. It is being used by some of the world’s largest web sites, social networks, and is widely adopted by the enterprise. MySQL provides great performance on modern hardware and has unique features like replication, combined with excellent performance and its open-source nature, make it an ideal candidate for cloud deployments.

To get the most out of MySQL and build a robust, reliable database infrastructure, you need to combine multiple components and have a thorough understanding of the MySQL ecosystem. Pythian MySQL experts have vast experience in designing, implementing, and supporting MySQL architectures of any complexity or size, from small implementations to huge installations with hundreds of MySQL servers. Pythian successfully supports both MySQL Community and Enterprise Editions and can help you evaluate which one makes sense for your business.

Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server is Microsoft’s high-performance database platform. It is one of the most capable database platforms available today and is suitable for virtually all types of applications—from order management systems to websites to large complex data warehouses. Microsoft SQL Server is a mature platform with many features, including high availability and a suite of tools for various data availability and reporting options. Microsoft has created several editions of SQL Server, each offering different features including a cloud-based version named Azure.

Pythian employs dozens of highly skilled SQL Server database administrators, including one Microsoft Certified Master and one Microsoft MVP. Each person on the SQL Server teams has many years of experience in all aspects of SQL Server. Whether you need help implementing SQL Server or you’re just evaluating it, Pythian’s expert SQL Server DBAs are ready to help you achieve your goals.