"It’s cool being able to work with the leading edge technology, particularly in the cloud and virtualization space. There are a lot of companies out there that have interest in it, but may be afraid or unsure of how to work with it. To have that expertise, and be the one that companies come to – It’s a real win. "
— Bill Fraser, Pythian Principal Consultant, Infrastructure


To ensure the superior performance, reliability, and resilience of your enterprise data systems, you need the right people with the right mix of skills. Pythian’s Enterprise Infrastructure Services (EIS) team has those skills. We combine more than 215 years’ experience with multiple certifications in advanced technologies to deliver a range of services that cover all your enterprise system needs, including monitoring, disaster recovery, configuration management, and platform migration. Our team includes:

  • Red Hat Certified Engineers (RHCE)
  • VMware Certified Professionals (VCP)
  • Specific certifications related to MCITP Server 2008, Hyper-V, and ITILv3
  • Members of professional organizations, including USENIX, LISA SIG, LOPSA
  • Members of the Fedora and Puppet open source communities

We can manage all aspects of your server environment, from server builds, security configuration, and performance optimization to larger-scale projects like establishing your web, email, and file server infrastructure. Our system administration specialists have extensive experience in backup and disaster recovery strategies, network planning and administration, configuration management, and clustering and high availability.

Pythian’s dedicated team of enterprise system administrators work with you to develop a strategy that optimizes the services associated with your environment—ensuring maximum uptime, fast connections, and high throughput rates.


Pythian works with many of the top cloud and virtualization providers and develops migration strategies to and from the cloud, as well as security, disaster recovery, and high availability solutions that keep your data safe and available. Our certified consultants will identify providers and architectures that best meet your needs, and create a data management solution tailored specifically to your business requirements.


Following the most common compliance standards like PCI-DSS, SOX, NERC-CIP, and HIPAA, Pythian will harden servers, perform all system updates, and conduct in-depth server reviews, minimizing the potential for security threats.


Pythian’s enterprise infrastructure team can create an automated, self-healing network using industry-leading systems management tools that tie together provisioning, patch management, configuration management, network monitoring, and backup/restore. This solution will allow your systems to run smoothly, make future updates quick, and reduce the potential for human error.


Our services include network mapping, metrics, server health, and documentation to ensure all common failure points are monitored and reviewed daily, keeping your systems in ideal operating condition. If there is an issue, we will know it before you do.


Our experience with complex systems and multiple technologies means we can diagnose and resolve performance issues quickly—before they impact users. We will tune all aspects of your enterprise infrastructure to ensure it’s operating at its peak performance—always.


Below is a partial list of the technologies we work with.

  • Cloud and Virtualization: Amazon Web Services, VMWare, RackSpace, OpenStack, Microsoft Azure
  • High Availability: Red Hat Cluster Suite, Akamai, F5, Amazon CloudFront, Amazon Elastic Load Balancer, Amazon AutoScaling,
  • Web Server Technologies: Apache HTTP Server, Apache Tomcat, JBoss, NGINX, HAProxy, Varnish Software, Memcached, Microsoft IIS
  • Monitoring Tools: Amazon CloudWatch, Nagios, Logstash, Graphite, Elasticsearch, New Relic, Cacti, GroundWorks, Zabbix, Zenoss
  • Configuration Management and Automation: Puppet Labs, Chef, Foreman, SaltStack, Ansible, Spacewalk


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