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Well, Paul Vallee tagged me, and as I haven’t yet passed my probationary period I should probably answer the call…..

Eight things about me that aren’t common knowledge:

  1. I like to start lists with 0. I stole that idea from a friend of mine, who is not a computer geek…completely.
  2. I’m more of a “problem solver” engineer than a “creative” engineer. I’m a pretty lousy developer, and pretty useless playing with Legos.
  3. I chose to study computer science with only three semesters left to go, after having not gotten high enough marks in neuroscience. When I was younger I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up. I ended up in computers because I thought Neuroscience was interesting, but ended up getting a D- in Introductory Neuroscience in my junior year in college. I had three semesters left to go and I needed to change majors, and I was already going to minor in Computer Science. While neuroscience still fascinates me, I enjoy being a DBA more, and apparently I’m better at computers than I ever was in a biological science.
  4. I bought sheeri.com, sheeri.net and sheeri.org when Sheeri Rappaport became famous, and the first page of results when Google searching for my name had someone other than me.
  5. I was not on the internet until 1996, which is rather late in the game among my peers.
  6. My nick/handle is “awfief”, which is a made-up name that my brothers and I came up with when we were younger. There’s no meaning and it’s pronounced “OW-feef”, sounding somewhat like “Alphie”. However, only my brothers (not even my sister or parents) call me “awfief”, and then only occasionally.
  7. When I was 16, I was a passenger in a car accident that left me so bruised I couldn’t walk. I actually had to re-learn how to walk, using a walker, then a cane. To this day, one of my hips is higher than other, and when I’m tired I walk with a limp.
  8. It’s rare that both members of a twinset are smart. My twin brother has a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Yale, works at Whitehead Institute (part of MIT) and did his undergraduate degree at The Cooper Union. He is, as we say in the Boston area, “wicked smart”.

And so I need to tag eight people — please provide a trackback or comment with the link to your URL. If you’ve already been tagged, just link me to your post.

Jay Pipes (MySQL colleague)
Ronald Bradford (MySQL colleague)
Christo Kutrovsky (Pythian colleague)
Babette Turner-Underwood (Pythian colleague)
Augusto Bott (Pythian colleague)
Keith Murphy (MySQL colleague)
Mark Atwood (MySQL colleague)
Brian Aker (MySQL colleague)


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