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How to measure the ROI of Big Data projects.

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Do You Know Your Customers? The Truth Behind Millennial Shopping Habits


Black Friday is fast approaching and all eyes have turned toward retail and the holiday shopping season. After initial reports that 2013 would be the worst shopping season since 2009, new forecasts have upped the total sales estimate. The 2013…

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The responsibility of “root”

Systems Administrators often hold the “keys to the kingdom”.  In a data driven world, every IT asset has the potential to have multiple privileged accounts, which can introduce risk to your business and your data.  From the SuperUser to the…

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Why Upgrade to Oracle 12c

Oracle 12c: Making the Impossible, Possible?

Pythian’s Oracle team has had the opportunity over this last year to explore, test, and assess every aspect of Oracle’s latest database release. Oracle 12c, and we have to say, it’s very impressive. See our top 5 reasons to upgrade and share your reasons.

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Online Retailers Have 3 Seconds to Make Mom Happy

Mother’s Day is coming up fast. May 12th 2013 is just around the corner, and if you have not already done so, make sure you go out and get mom a special gift as soon as possible. If you need…

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When to Use MongoDB and Hadoop

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The Pythian Chalkboard Wall Comes Together

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Pythian Days

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Are You Paying Too Much for Database Support?

Oracle MS SQL Server VersionsOracle MS SQL Server Versions

Notwithstanding all the new shiny features the latest database release can provide; in this post I am going to put in dollars and cents the reasons why upgrading your database makes economical sense.

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