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OpenSQL Camp is a free unconference happening Friday, Nov. 14th through Sunday, Nov. 16th in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. More details can be found at

Whether or not you have already registered for OpenSQL Camp by putting your name here:

you should be aware of very important information.

Quoting from the notice posted at the top AND bottom of the registratio page:

Registration is free, but because we need an accurate headcount for the catering, you’ll only get a t-shirt, bag and meals if you register by November 1 and join the email list ( This is the cutoff date by which we will arrange for the breakfast, lunches and suppers. If you’re not registered by then, you may get someone else’s place if they’re a no-show, but everyone who is registered by then gets preferential treatment.

Note that November 1st is this Saturday, only days away.

This means that:

1) If you have registered on that page but NOT joined the e-mail list, you will NOT get food and swag.

Currently there are 80 people registered and 63 on the opensqlcamp mailing list, which means at least 17 people will go hungry during the weekend! If you think you might be one of those people, go to and make sure you are signed up.

You can edit your membership on the list to be “No Mail” so your inbox does not even need to feel a thing.

2) If you have not yet registered by signing up AND joining the e-mail list, you only have a few days to secure a GUARANTEED spot. Currently the capacity of the venue is 150 people, and 80 are registered; however, for obvious logistical reasons there is a cutoff to order food and swag.

As well, there are legal reasons that walk-ins cannot be permitted. Even if it is after Nov. 1st, you MUST register or else you will not be allowed at camp.

3) If you have registered but cannot make it, please take your name off the Attendee List as a courtesy to the organizers.

4) If you are unsure, register anyway, and put a note next to your name (such as “I may not be able to attend”) so that you can secure a spot. If you cannot make it, we will miss you, but please do take your name off the list.

5) You can join the mailing list regardless of whether or not you are attending OpenSQL Camp.

6) Spread the word by grabbing an image/logo/badge at or by letting everyone on Facebook know you are attending:

7) There are still sponsorship opportunities — see for more information on sponsoring.

I hope to see you there!

(note that Baron Schwartz is the organizer of OpenSQL Camp, but I am posting this as I have not yet seen a reminder and I suspect Baron may still be out of the country (this post mentions being in Turkey for Percona‘s annual meeting). To stress more clearly: I am not the organizer of OpenSQL Camp. Any questions can be directed to the e-mail list, at All open source database aficionados welcome — MySQL, Postgres, Drizzle, etc!)


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