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Licensing Oracle in a public cloud: the CPU calculation impact

Based on previous findings on CPU counting in public clouds, we look at an example where it makes a big difference: software licensing, particularly Oracle. Additional licensing costs resulting from CPU counting can dwarf any cost savings on infrastructure. We talk about how this happens, and show an example.

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Virtual CPUs with Google Compute Engine

After looking at how virtual CPUs are handled in Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, we explore CPU definitions and CPU performance under the Google Compute Engine platform.

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vCPU sharing in EC2: HVM to the rescue?


I’ve been doing some testing to clarify what a vCPU in Amazon Web Services actually is. Over the course of the testing, I experienced inconsistent results on a 2-thread test on a 4-vCPU m3.xlarge system, due to the mislabeling of…

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Virtual CPUs with Amazon Web Services

The definition of a vCPU in Amazon Web Services is a bit unclear. We run some tests to see how much CPU performance we actually get, and discover some unexpected side effects from AWS’s implementation.

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It’s Oracle patch time again

It’s yet again time for Oracle’s critical patch update (CPUJAN2008). The update will be released on Tuesday January 15, and as of yet there are no details on exactly what vulnerabilities have been found.

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