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Oraenv in

Oraenv is great utility that helps to control environment and to avoid exact use of ORACLE_… variables in scripts. With invention of ORACLE_BASE it was enhanced to change the variable and to print the value in the output. More interesting that behaviour of oraenv in has been changed
and now it is able to switch oracle base variables but it does not show oracle home path in the output, only oracle base

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Oracle Net trace in 11G … or build in ITIL

If you ever had tried to switch Oracle net trace than you know that it is quite straight forward to switch it on. You would say that I need to set the following parameters in the sqlnet.ora file…

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No Silver Bullet – Sharding and MongoDB

ourSquare, the location based social network, suffered from extended outage yesterday. They explained the causes in a blog post, which caused much discussion around the web. Here’s the gist of the analysis: FourSquare are using MongoDB, which is a sharded database. Data is split between nodes based on a shard key, usually the User ID or something similar. One of the shards became overly loaded. After failing to resolve the issue in other ways, FourSquare decided to add another shard to share the load. This caused the entire cluster to fail.

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Redo Transport Compression

I was co-presenting recently at Sydney Oracle Meetup about Data Guard Compression and in preparation I did
some tests to see how it works for (Linux x86-64). Here are my results.

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I wrote my very first Catalyst plugin, and it’s going to be something useful for Galuga. As I don’t have a lot of time, I’ll be succint. As you’ve doubtlessly gathered by now, the name of the game is Catalyst::Plugin::Sitemap. It’s on Github, but it’s not CPANized yet. To use it, add the plugin to your Catalyst app main module

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Linux, Windows, Virtual Machines and You — DIY VPN Jump Box

Being in the remote administration business is a strange beast and offers lots of challenges, but when you are working for multiple clients sometimes connecting to the servers can be challenging enough. Here’s a little idea that I had this morning that may save someone some grief, so I thought I would jot it down for all to see.

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NoSQL Deep Dive – The Missing White Paper

I’m giving a NoSQL overview presentation at MOTS in two days. The conference organizers didn’t ask me for a white paper, so I thought I could get away without writing one. But it turns out that I don’t really feel that I can speak confidently about a topic if I didn’t write the paper. I wonder if other presenters have this addiction too. So I’m posting the paper here for your enjoyment. Feedback is very welcome.

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Correction on Storage Index Blog

This is just a quick post to note that I’ve corrected my blog on Storage Indexes here, after a follow up blog from Kerry Osborne indicating an error on my part.

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AWR Extract and Load

As of 10.2, Oracle supplies two scripts that enable you to extract and load AWR data into another database (even one already running AWR snapshots). You can even take the AWR data from a 10.2 database on Solaris and load it into an 11.2 database on Windows XP (other variations may work…but these are the two versions I have handy). I also took 11.2 database on Linux and loaded it to the Windows database

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Emergency Recovery or RMAN DUPLICATE Rerun Just Works!

One of the tasks that I was involved in was 700GB database emergency cloning for an important functional issue troubleshooting. It was (10GR2) 64 Bit database on Linux. To make a long story short I gave the DUPLICATE command a try. I used the comand in this post to start the process. After 4h of the restore process I was horrified (you know how it is to work under time and management pressure) at seeing the following errors

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