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Oracle wraps top-notch security around Linux

Oracle ensures a number of products meet the highest level of security for commercial software, allowing customers to securely use its products in conjunction with open source technology from Linux. Link to article.

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Oracle Products Available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Customers

Key Oracle products have been certified on the newly released Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 operating system. This will give customers better support for large servers and greater numbers of CPUs, Link to article.

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Sun to Unveil New Grid Group Products

Sun Mictrosystems Inc. to unveil new grid group products. Link to article.

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How to Secure Linux Production Systems: A Practical Guide

Here’s a great “How To” article on securing Linux for use in production environments.

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Security Issues in the Oracle Database and Applications

A security advisory from Integrigy details multiple bugs in the Oracle spatial package MDSYS.MD2. The Oracle Reports Server leaks database passwords and there is a Denial of service in the Oracle Forms server. There are also multiple SQL Injection issues... Read More >

Open Source Oracle Benchmarking and Stress Testing Tools

Check out these 5 links to open-source benchmarking and stress testing tools for Oracle

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Bug Report: Bug 4015165

Bug 4015165 Unexpected ORA-6502 from PLSQL using host binds when using CHAR length semantics.

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Alert 68 Vulnerabilities Now Made Public

Pete Finnigan lists links to the bugtrag advisories. A patch for alert 68 is available.

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Beta version of 10GR2 available

10GR2 is out in beta and has some interesting new XML DB features.

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2. is out for Linux today—along with a lengthy list of bugs fixed in note 283897.1.

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