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Nagios Authentication with Active Directory.

  Nagios authentication with Active Directory aligns with user management consolidation policies in most organizations. This post explains how to setup Nagios authentication with Active Directory, while using Apache as web server. mod_authz_ldap is an apache LDAP authorization module. This can…

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Online Resizing of ASM Disks

  The SAN administrator has informed us that they have extended the disks. This is the information I had from our client. The disks were labelled: mpath_compellent_oraarch mpath_compellent_oraarch02 mpath_compellent_oraarch03   The original size of the disks were 300GB and they…

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Creating a Test Lab Using VirtualBox / NAT networking

My job is almost completely reliant upon my ability to perform work in lab of virtual machines. Almost every action plan I write is tested locally. When I need to troubleshoot an issue for a client one of the most…

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Patching Fun: GI and Database Patches

So, it has been some time since I have patched a database. Patching seemed necessary in a 12c database used for testing, as it was having some crashing issues. As the database and GI home were both un-patched, it seemed worthwhile to…

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Mongostat – A Nifty Tool for Mongo DBAs

One of the main MongoDB DBA’s task is to monitor the usage of MongoDB system and it’s load distribution. This could be needed for proactive monitoring, troubleshooting during performance degradation, root cause analysis, or capacity planning. Mongostat is a nifty…

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Log Buffer #435: A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Sun of database technologies is shining through the cloud technology. Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL and various other databases are bringing forth some nifty offerings and this Log Buffer Edition covers some of them.

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Handling the Leap Second – Linux

Leap Second

Last week I published a blog post titled “Are You Ready For the Leap Second?“, and by looking at the blog statistics I could tell that many of you read it, and that’s good, because you became aware of the…

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Are you Ready for the Leap Second?


If you’re not aware of what the leap second is look into it. The fact is, this year the last minute of June 30th will be one second longer and “June 30, 2015 23:59:60” will be a valid and correct time….

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fsfreeze in Linux

The fsfreeze command, is used to suspend and resume access to a file system. This allows consistent snapshots to be taken of the filesystem. fsfreeze supports Ext3/4, ReiserFS, JFS and XFS. A filesystem can be frozen using following command: #…

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Quick Tip : Oracle User Ulimit Doesn’t Reflect Value on /etc/security/limits.conf

So the other day I was trying to do a fresh installation of a new Oracle EM12cR4 in a local VM,  and as I was doing it with the DB 12c, I decided to use the Oracle preinstall RPM to…

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