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Monitoring Apache Cassandra Metrics With Graphite and Grafana

Yabin Meng, Datastax Enterprise and Apache Cassandra Consultant at Pythian, explores an alternative Cassandra monitoring solution to DataStax’s OpsCenter.

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Debugging Kibana using Chrome developer tools

Minto Joseph, Site Reliability Consultant at Pythian, details his experience debugging Kibana using Chrome developer tools.

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Part 1: How to Effectively Use a Performance Schema

Performance Schema (PS) has been the subject of many, many recent discussions, presentations, and articles.  After its release in MySQL 5.7, PS has become the main actor for people who want to take the further steps in MySQL monitoring. At…

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Monitoring Cassandra with Grafana and Influx DB


Hello, In this post I will explain how to set up Cassandra monitoring with influxDB and Grafana. This can also be used to connect to other monitoring systems (Graphite, Collectd, etc…) but since both influxDB and Grafana are hot topics…

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A Simple Way to Monitor Java in Linux

A quick and easy way to know what is it inside Java process that is using your CPU. Using just Linux command line tools and JDK supplied command line utilities.

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