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Eight Ways To Ensure Your Applications Are Enterprise-Ready

Elliot Zissman, Managing Director at Pythian, provides practical tips to ensure your organization’s applications are enterprise-ready.

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Pythian Introduces Cassandra Consulting & Operational Support

Pythian now offers new services to address the needs of customers considering or deploying Apache Cassandra. Find out how we can help you with Cassandra.

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Log Buffer #346, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

Economist says that Physics suggest that storms will get worse as the planet warms. Typhoon Haiyan in Philippines, bush-fires in Australia, floods in China, and extreme unpredictable weather across the planet is a sober reminder. Good news is that technology…

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Couchbase Smart Client Failure Scenarios

The Couchbase java smart client communicates directly with the cluster to maintain awareness of data location. To do so it gathers information about the cluster architecture from a manually maintained configuration file listing all the nodes. The smart client configuration…

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Hadoop FAQ – Getting Started


Following my “Building Integrated DWH with Oracle and Hadoop” webinar for IOUG Big Data SIG, I got a bunch of excellent follow up questions. The most frequently asked questions are: What is the minimum I need to do to get started with Hadoop? and How do I load data into Hadoop? Since so many people are interested in the same question, it makes more sense to answer on the blog.

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New Year, New Big Data Appliance

Shortly before we all went on break for the holiday, Oracle announced the new BDA X3-2. Now I have time to properly sit down with a glass of fine scotch and dig into the details of what is included in the release. Turns out that there are quite a few changes packed in. We are getting new hardware, new Hadoop, new Connectors and new NoSQL. Tons of awesome features are included. Let’s get into it.

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Log Buffer #289, A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs

This Log Buffer Edition has covers everything that happening at Oracle Open World and more in Log Buffer #289.

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Oracle Press Publisher Forum OOW 12 – Part 1

Tuesday morning at OOW is always occupied by this forum, an opportunity for authors and other persons to receive heads up on what’s coming down the pipe from Oracle. The following notes are musings from yours truly as I attended the forum today.

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MySQL Oracle Connect 2012: Day One

I attend five sessions today and I think some of them were very interesting. Like the one on the Optimizer insight, quite informative and accurate.
The other one done by the MySQL Cluster (NDB) group on the installer and new Javascript API interface, left me a little bit … foggy. Why? Because in my mind one of the most important thing to accomplish in NDB is the correct dimensioning of the memory, buffers, possible operation, attributes and so on, all things that should come from the review of the schema definition review and from the application analysis.

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MySQL Oracle Connect 2012 Keynotes

It is exciting to be here, meeting again old friends and ex colleagues, but also exciting for what seems the start of a very significant conference fro MySQL. I really enjoy the introductions done from Edward Screven and Thomas Ulin. Edward highlight the fact that MySQL is increasing his presence in the market and in the community. This could be also thanks to the unbelievable effort done by Oracle in keeping his production cycle on target.

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